Academic & Career Readiness

What is Academic and Career Readiness?

Academic and Career Readiness is a student-centered (grades 6-12) program that provides access by:

  • Preparing students for employment through the establishment of postsecondary goals

  • Promoting cooperation between public schools and business and industry

  • Establishing a role for public schools in the economic development of Wisconsin


The 4 Stages to Successful ACR

Step 1:  Who am I? Get to know your interests, skills, & strengths

Step 2Where do I want to go?  Explore career pathways and education opportunities

Step 3:  How do I get there? Set your route!  Set goals, choose courses, join clubs & activities,
                   obtain financing, fill out applications, write resumes

Step 4: GO! Recalculate as needed. 

What are student benefits of ACR?

Through support of District Staff and Faculty students will:

  1. Establish goals related to future postsecondary plans/employment

  2. Reflect on strengths and interests

  3. Conduct assessments on a scheduled timeline/plan

  4. Connect goals to college and career exploration & planning

  5. Receive support through relevant business and industry partnerships

  6. Make Informed choices for post-secondary transitions into adulthood

When and how will ACR be implemented?

  • Academic and Career Readiness is being implemented this Academic School Year (2017-18) 

  • Academic and Career Readiness Implementation will be by grade

  • Each Grade will have a Goal-Oriented & Benchmarked 6-12 Timeline

What ACR resources will students utilize?

What ACR resources will students utilize?

Xello -- Specific to Student Interest and Careers:

  • Online Portfolio to host information and artifacts

  • Interests & Strength Inventories

  • Learning Styles

  • Career Clusters & Career Pathways

  • Specific Career Information with interviews

  • WI & National  Employment Demographics

  • WI & National Post-Secondary Options

  • Inspire Northeast Wisconsin

  • Employability Skills Course (Fall 2018)

  • Woodland Regional Learning Center

  • ACT Suite


  • Industry Advisory Council

  • DVR Services

  • Infusion within Current Curriculum