Florence County Bleacher & Press Box Fundraiser

Florence Bleachers and Press Box

Current set of bleachers

The current bleachers were constructed of wood and installed in the 1970s; because of this, they are not accessible to all attendees. Over the years, we have done our best to keep up the bleachers by replacing boards and steps as school funds allow. The current press box needs a new roof and stairs and needs to be re-sided. With a limited school budget, district athletics funding competes with dollars needed to educate students. Knowing this, we have budgeted $165,000 in our capital plan for this project. With the cost of inflation over the last year, the project to replace the bleachers, make them accessible to all attendees and upgrade the Press Box is estimated to be $231,200. Leaving a deficit of $66,200.

As a district, we have partnered with community members and local businesses to raise the additional funds needed for the project. Our athletes, students, coaches, and community will benefit from these upgrades. The School Board has approved this fundraiser campaign.

To allow all businesses, alumni, current students/families, and community members to further support our Florence County students and the community, we are offering a variety of opportunities to donate.

Donations can be made by mailing your payment to:

School District of Florence County
Attn: Athletic Field Fundraiser
PO Box 440
Florence, WI 54121

Or drop off your donation to the School District of Florence County Administration Office.  Office hours are M-F from 7:30 am – 4:00 pm.

If you are interested in setting up a larger donation or if you would like a presentation on our fundraising project, or have questions, please call Joe Innis at 715-528-3215 ext. 1404

How Can You Help?

We will gladly accept donations of any size, but if your donation is $100 or more then your name will appear on our donor board in the corresponding level.

Different Levels of Support for our Bobcat Bleacher and Press Box Upgrade!

Football Fundraiser Levels

Donor Board Examples

Donor board example

Donor board

Virtual Donor Board

Benefactors Society

$20,000 and up

Red Oak Foundation

Bobcat Patron's Circle


Bobcat Leaders


  • Florence County Department of Human Services

  • Miron Counstruction

Bobcat Backer


  • Mike and Diane Theis

  • Trident Maritime Systems

  • Jessica Frost

Florence Bobcat Pride


Friends of Florence


  • Michael and Zona Carlton

  • Debbie Demuri

  • Florence Auto Parts